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Doors Open Toronto

On Saturday May 28, Humber took part in Doors Open Toronto.

At the Centre for Justice Leadership building, we had 194 community members come through our doors and take part in a murder mystery game / tour. Tours ran throughout the day and were 30 minutes in length. The game began in the classroom, where participants received a breakdown of the events that led up to the crime. Next guests were led to the crime scene studio where they got to view the crime scene for themselves, as well as read the foam board surrounding the room which gave them further information on the victim, each suspect and the evidence found at the scene.

After reviewing all of the items, guests were asked to cast their vote for who they believed committed the crime by placing their ballot into the corresponding suspect’s ballot box. Participants were then brought into the forensic lab where one of our CSI graduates gave an overview of the equipment in the room and its uses in the CSI program. Following this, guests were brought into the mock court room where the killer and their motive was revealed. The majority of the votes cast were tied between two suspects, most groups gasped and cheered when they heard the verdict read and everyone left with a smile on their face.