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Test your skills in a simulator –
video games aren’t just for fun anymore.

Using the latest in digital technology, FAAC simulators create life like situations to train students in driving skills, conflict resolution and the use of force. The School of Social and Community Services has acquired this leading edge system, the first full 180-degree, interfacing simulators in Canada, to support your learning in a safe environment that provides immediate feedback and customizes based on your approach.



driving sim lab

Police pursuit driving, city, highway, snow and rain – students get exposed to the toughest challenges in a controlled environment in our driving simulation lab. Trained instructors put students through their paces changing obstacles while they drive. This device feels so real that airsickness bags are readily available. Skills learned in this lab are an advantage in the job market.

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sim lab

The 180-degree conflict resolution simulator is a critical learning tool for students who require the skills needed to deal with people in crisis. Practice scenarios allow students to interact with on-screen characters who are uncooperative, displaying behavioural issues, or experiencing a mental health crisis. Students in the observation seating also learn by analyzing fellow students going through the drills.

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Check out the Sim Labs and find out how you would react when faced with potentially violent reactions from a person in crisis. The simulator, controlled by an instructor, allows you to engage in scenarios where the subject’s reaction changes based on your approach. After running a scenario, responses can be assessed and critiqued in a controlled environment allowing for an effective evaluation of skill and performance. It is a chance for self-reflection and self-observation in a safe learning environment.