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  • Certificate | 11011 Municipal Bylaw

The Municipal Bylaw Certificate offers a course of study that is designed to meet and supplement the training needs of the municipal bylaw enforcement officer.

What You Will Learn

The program is designed for those already in the bylaw enforcement field who wish to continue their education and training, as well as those seeking employment in municipal bylaw enforcement agencies. Courses will provide the student with instruction in all areas of bylaw enforcement including common bylaws, property standards, the Planning Act and trials and committee presentations.


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Compulsory Courses - 4 Required

LASP 102
Bylaw Enforcement

This course will provide you with an understanding of municipal bylaw enforcement. Topics will include typical bylaws and the effective enforcement of municipal legislation.

LASP 101
Municipal Bylaws

This course will involve a detailed analysis of municipal bylaws as they relate to a wide variety of topics including noise control, waste management, animal control, vending, etc. You will interpret legislation and discuss associated issues and evidence.

LASP 104
Property Standards and Zoning

This course is designed to supplement the training requirements of a municipal law enforcement officer, providing continuing education to those already in bylaw enforcement, as well as those wishing to seek employment in the field. You will develop an understanding of building and property standards, typical bylaws and effective enforcement of other applicable acts.

LASP 103
Trials and Committee Presentation

There are many demands placed on the municipal law enforcement officer some of which require them to speak or give evidence in public hearings, council meetings and court trials. It is, therefore, a requirement of each officer to know how to prepare for and present information before these groups.