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Our part-time Police Foundations Diploma program stresses both the law enforcement and human relations skills required to police modern, socially, ethnically and technologically diverse communities.

Students will learn how to investigate criminal offences, to intervene in crisis situations and to model ethical and professional behaviour. Students learn the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed in the law enforcement field. Emotional maturity, good interpersonal skills and personal accountability, coupled with a strong desire to use creative problem solving and good leadership qualities will be essential in bringing about positive change in our communities.

Success Stories 

Flexibile Study

The Police Foundations Diploma program is now offered both in-class and online for part-time students. The flexibility of online delivery allows students to study at their own pace, and on their own time, while in-class learning opportunities allow students the option of taking the program at night or on weekends. 
These delivery formats also afford full-time students the opportunity to make up missed courses and/or courses that have not been completed successfully on first attempt. Further, some full-time students access these courses with a view to lightening their course load for subsequent semesters. Also, students who, due to changes in life circumstances, need to transfer from full-time to part-time study may access these courses as well. As such, Police Foundations students from community colleges across Ontario are invited to take advantage of this flexibility of study.