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Success Stories

Benereta Lopari

Graduate, Settlement Services Certificate 

I started the Settlement Services program in May 2010 and completed in June 2012, in total 11 courses and with good results, around 85%. I enjoyed a lot all the program and learned a lot of skills. The professors were great, professional and helpful. I can mention Sima Sahar Zerehi, Dr Anthony Hatchinson , Philip were good teachers and learned from their experiences. I enjoyed searching and doing presentations in PowerPoint, working in groups or individually. Doing PowerPoint it was a great learning skills experience as the same time we have to talk and explain about the subject and helps to have a good speaking presentation and improve computer skills.Also the most important part was using social media, using twitter, blogs, facebook etc. Sima helped us in imroving our skills in social media and shows us much more. 

We discussed with the Director, Kim Pavan, in our group the way how this program could be improved and changed and gave our thoughts and suggestions. Kim is a really great communicator, very understandable and a good support. 

Now the program has changed and reduced to 6 subject mandatory, which is great. However I don't regret doing 11 of them as I had the opportunity to learn more skills and knowledge. I was excited when I started the program as I like helping people and give advice, especially for newcomers as I was a newcomer my self when I started that course. (I have been living for around 5 years in Canada now). I like Humber College, is my favourite. If I decide to study another program I will choose again Humber. I have worked as a volunteer with Access Alliance and Learning Enrichment Foundation. I am not working as a settlement counsellor, but the skills and knowledge that I learned with this program I am using everyday in my job, it helps a lot.

benereta lopari