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Success Stories

Raj Vamulapalli

Graduate, Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Certificate 

I loved the time I spent at Humber College studying Municipal By-Law Enforcement. I was on parental leave when my son Ryan was born in 2004, and I decided to utilize the evening free time when my wife used to take care of the kids. I could not have done a full-time course being on Parental Leave and I had this plan of doing a course which would propel me towards my goals of obtaining a steady, secure and decent job with a municipal government. The course that Humber offered fit well with my schedule and I finished it on time. 

The Knowledge and professional information that I gained during my studies at Humber, especially under the fine guidance of experienced teachers such as Steven Kinsella, prepared me to secure a job with the Town of Oakville. I joined the Town of Oakville as a Parking Enforcement Officer shortly after leaving Humber College. I worked for five years in the Parking department before moving to Town Hall as the Lottery Licensing Officer and By-Law Enforcement Officer. I am currently doing both jobs. 

It has been 9 years since I left Humber College but I can surely say it was the very first stepping stone for me to get where I am today and I am still on the move to achieve more.

Raj Vemulapalli