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  • CYW/CYC SUPPORTEnsuring Student Success

Retention is a big part of everything we do. As a faculty team we review curriculum, the program and student concerns so that we can focus our energy where needed.

Face to Face

  • We meet with students once a week while they are in placement to ensure a successful experience
  • The class rep council meets once a month giving us the opportunity to actively respond to issues identified by the students
  • There are Lunch & Learn series meetings for all direct entry students including sessions on writing and research
  • When a student is struggling academically at mid-terms we invite them to a meeting to discuss strategies for success
  • Students can access a faculty advisor for additional support

If you are in the CYW or CYC programs and would like additional support, please contact your teacher or program coordinator.

Behind the Scenes Support

  • We are involved in many established on campus resources like TAP, a resource for first generation learners
  • We encourage students to participate in the mentor program
  • We support students' Living Learning Community in Residence where many CYW/CYC students live 
  • We ensure that new policies are met with proactive strategies for students
  • We have implemented a voucher system to enable students to get extensions on certain assignments.

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